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The Wizard of Oz Charm Collection

Our Sterling Silver Charms are all drawn from L. Frank Baum's delightful book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The story is perhaps best known the world over because of the extraordinary MGM movie production of The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland released in 1939. But, there are fans of Baum's work the world over too. His delightful stories brought to life characters as diverse as the sweet young girl, Dorothy, the Wicked Witch who melted when showered with a bucket of water, the cowardly lion, the heartless tin man and the brainless scarecrow. The munchkins also were wonderful creations along with the kind and magical Glinda. You'll find all of these beloved characters and many others from the story in our catalog of Wizard of Oz sterling silver charms.

The Ruby Slipper is the most well recognized image from the movie The Wizard of Oz. One of the original pairs of shoes worn by Judy Garland is on permanent display in the Smithsonian Institution Museum in Washington, DC. We have interpreted the slipper in a design that leads off this very collectible set of Wizard of Oz jewelry.

Our Sterling Silver Charms are of the highest quality and Craftmanship; you too will be amazed at the detail and care which goes into each charm. We have clients who have ordered from us exclusively for over 20 years. At Krika we never cut corners or try to manufacture somewhere cheaper.. quality and finish are our only concern.


The Master's Collection

See Sterling Silver Leaf Bracelet in Master's CatalogA reintroduction of the designs of William Spratling's contemporaries in Taxco, Mexico--Hector Aguilar and Valentin Vidaurretta. Our finely crafted sterling silver jewelry is enhanced with semi-precious stones--amethyst, Mexican malachite, turquoise, opals, garnet, red coral, variscite, and chrysocolla.



See Sterling Silver Leaf Bracelet in Master's CatalogThe Krika"Xmas" Collection

See Sterling Silver Leaf Bracelet in Master's CatalogChristmas for us has always been a time for the family "treasures" to come out and be wondered at and enjoyed again. We at Krika thought we might create some treasures for times to come of our own. Here you can see some of my silver designs made in Sterling  for your Christmases to come. Enjoy, and know that we feel that crafting them by hand out of pure silver (980) was the only way not plating or electroforming. At Krika, there is no scrimping at Christmas. Merry "KrikaMas."






The Storytelling Collection

See Alice In Wonderland Storyband Bracelet in The CatalogThis is our whimsical sterling silver jewelry with a story motif. Adopted from the Hopi Indian storytelling jewelry tradition, this collection tells the fairy tales and childhood stories known and beloved around the world -- Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks and the Three Bears (the bracelet in the picture), Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Red Riding Hood and The Wizard of Oz.




The Krika Sterling Silver Flatware Collection
Taxco, for us was a great place to live and create our designs. We enjoyed its rich history, people and of course its art in silver. I finally got the chance to work out my designs in Silver with one of the finest "Joyeros" in creating what I always wanted in Flatware. I loved this set and everytime I held it I felt delight. We never produced this set for the public, but we want you to see it and know - it can be done; just a note each piece was formed from a single piece of silver not press molded or welded just crafted by "the hand of man" a very special joyero who helped me create what I always wanted silverware to be, enjoy.

NOTE: This collection is not nor ever was in production.